Height: 30 cm

Width: 10 cm

Length: 10 cm

If everyone in your home or office has a different pods preference it can be difficult to find a way to store them so that everyone has easy access to their favourite. Or maybe you yourself like variation and need a quick and easy way to find the capsule you want in that moment?

With our pods holder, this problem is easily solved. We have developed a pods holder that is made of see-through plastic with 4 rooms that can hold 6 capsules each – or 24 capsules in total.

You can thus easily find your favourite coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.

The capsule holder measures 30 x 10 x 10 cm, so it will fit almost anywhere.

In other words, here is a practical and easy solution for storing your different pods, making it easy for you to quickly find the pods you’re after.







Dolce Gusto



pods Holder

for 24 Dolce Gusto pods


Reviews (1)

The perfect holder for all Dolce Gusto Pods, will definitley buying a 2nd one. Durability is strong Read More