Easy and thorough cleaning of all coffee machines.

Caffenu cleaning tablets ensure a thorough cleaning of your coffee machine, even in the places that you can’t reach yourself.

The tablets are made of a sustainable cleaning product that cleans out the dirty coatings, bacteria and impurities from your machine.. This will elongate your machine’s life and ensure you have a better taste in your drinks.

Most capsule machines have a cleaning programme that will let you know when it is time to clean your machine. Your capsule machine will typically have a special container for cleaning tablets, such as those you know from your dishwasher, for example, where you simply put the tablet in and start the cleaning programme.

You can consult your machine’s user manual for more information.

Caffenu’s cleaning tablets contain a bioorganic and phosphate-free  cleaning product, so it will not leave traces nor affect taste.

As well as being used in capsule machines, these cleaning tablets can also be used in your kettle and thermos, as well as your standard filter coffee machine, as they are specifically designed to clean out the coffee’s natural oils and tannic acids. Simply put the cleaning tablet in the appliance, where it will dissolve and start cleaning.

Remember to thoroughly rinse out your appliance after cleaning.

For an optimal effect we recommend using Caffenu’s cleaning tablets in combination with a regular descaling.








Cleaning Tablets - Caffenu

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Excellent product and great delivery service. Only criticism is that the small packet was mailed in a very large box. Read More