Experience one of the great trends of the time.

One of the latest hits in coffee is the Cold Brew brewing technique. With this technique, you get a coffee that is brewed cold, which gives the coffee a completely different flavor composition, which results in a coffee with a milder, sweeter and more refreshing taste than the usual hot brewed coffee.

Usually, Cold Brew is a time consuming brewing process as it takes longer to extract the flavor from the coffee with cold water. However, Nescafé has solved that problem, so all you have to do is insert a capsule and set your machine to cold, after which it can handle the rest in less than 1 minute.

To get the optimal taste experience, we recommend that you put a few ice cubes in the cup. Then you get a wonderful and refreshing Cold Brew coffee, which is perfect for being enjoyed on a hot summer day.

This pack contains 12 pods of premium Arabica coffee, which has been added a shot of endivie for a little extra aroma. The taste is sweet and mild, but body which is less intense than the one you get with a regular Ice Coffee.

And if you've not tried a Cold Brew before, we can definitely recommend it. Because here is a new and exciting coffee, which is becoming more and more popular every year. The taste is refreshing and aromatic, and gives an exciting variation on a regular coffee. It is a coffee that really softens well, and it therefore also works well as an alternative to soda on a hot day.


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Dolce Gusto


Caramel, Mild Acidity, Sweetness

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Medium (5/10)

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Nescafé Cold Brew

12 pods for Dolce Gusto


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Reviews (7)

Probably wouldn’t order again. My first time trying cold brew though. It was described accurately, just different from iced coffee that I’m used to. Will still use up though Read More
Quality product will order again Read More
If you don’t like hot drinks but like coffee then this is your boy right here. This, some ice cubes and some gourmet caramel coffee syrup! Winning combination, I can’t get enough of it! Read More
One of the nicest cold brew coffees I've tasted. Read More
I found it too bitter for my taste. I don't know if I am doing anything wrong. Tried with ice and even some caramel syrup. Read More
Really smooth coffee , delicious iced coffee , will be buying again Read More
Delicious and is brewed cold which is perfect for an iced coffee because the ice you put in does not immediately dilute the drink like if you made it with hot coffee Read More