Indian Summer Chai - Nordic Roast

1820 g. Chai tea

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Make a traditional chai in no time thanks to Nordic Roast’s instant Indian Summer Chai powder.

This blend is made based on the traditional chai recipe: black tea and spices with milk. As an instant version, you just need a scoop of powder and some hot water or milk (depending on how creamy you want your chai). Stir and enjoy.
The spices will take over your senses and warm your body and soul.

Need a change from coffee or hot chocolate? You’ll get something just as complex and delicious thanks to this Indian Summer Chai. And in a box of 1.8kg you’ll have enough to experiment making other chai drinks.

For example, you can make an iced chai by dissolving the powder in a smaller amount of boiling water or milk than for a normal cup. Pour over ice and add some cold milk.

Or if you want to try a dirty chai, add a shot of espresso to your hot chai and enjoy the combination of coffee and the Indian spices.

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Nordic Roast


Sweetness, Cinnamon

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Medium (5/10)

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