Lindt Lindor Chocolate Heart

200g. Chocolate Truffles

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In stock

Give a heart to someone you care about and demonstrate your love through chocolate.

Here is an irresistible creamy Lindt milk chocolate truffle in a lovely heart-shaped box – ready to be gifted to those you hold dear.

Lindt’s famous chocolate truffles are shaped in perfect balls with a hard shell and a soft filling that melts on the tongue. If you have never tried a Lindt truffle before you can expect a truly delicious experience of flavour and texture, because this chocolate distinguishes itself from all others thanks to Lindt’s conching technique. This technique makes the filling extra soft, creamy, and flavourful.

The truffles are presented here in a heart-shaped box which is perfect for any occasion – no matter if it is Valentine’s day, a birthday, or you’ve had a bad day, Chocolate always brings joy!

The Swiss brand Lindt has provided the world with delicious chocolate since 1845. Lindt is known for their delicious chocolate truffles with creamy filling, their golden Easter bunnies, and last but not least their popular Lindt Excellence chocolate bars in a variety of flavours.






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