Nescafé Mexico Grande

12 pods for Dolce Gusto


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In stock

This medium / dark roasted coffee from Mexico's Chiapas region is created from a blend of carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans.

Here you get a completely unique coffee, because it is created from beans grown in the shade in the nutritious soil of the Chiapas region. Coffee beans like these that have been grown in the shade give the coffee a very special taste, which is known by making it particularly aromatic and sweet, and with a lower acidity, thanks to the slower ripening of the beans.

This very special cultivation technique has here resulted in an aromatic coffee, which comes with flavor notes of cocoa, roasted hazelnuts and plums. Here is a coffee that can be enjoyed as pure as it is, but which can also be enjoyed with a little milk, to highlight the taste of caramelized hazelnut.

This variant is part of the Dolce Gustos® Absolute Origin series, where all the coffees are known by being biocertified. So here you are also assured that the coffee has been produced with special care for the environment and coffee farmers

We deliver it right to your door in a package of 12 pods, which fits perfectly with your Dolce Gusto ®



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Dolce Gusto


Cocoa, Acidic Robusta, Nuts, Aromatic Arabica



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Large Cup


Strong (7/10)

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Ristet og malet kaffe

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Heavy aroma and very distinctive, good for days when your tastebuds are in a coma and you need a kick.
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For me this is the best coffee for this machine the flavour and strength is perfect

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