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100 pods for Nespresso®

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In stock

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The classic aluminium capsules are familiar to all Nespresso® machine owners. Aluminium is preferred by several manufacturers because aluminium is particularly good at ensuring a tight seal, preventing the aroma from escaping.

At Kaffekapslen we stock several variants of compatible capsules made from aluminium, which, like the original capsules, work perfectly with your Nespresso® machine.

Included in this pack are our most popular aluminium capsules for Nespresso. The contents are the most delicious flavours and strengths, from the wide range of flavours and brands we offer at Coffee Capsule. This makes it easy for you to taste and find your new favourite.

The pack contains 10 packs with a total of 100 capsules, so your coffee cravings will be satisfied in the near future, just as your curiosity will be piqued in the search for new flavours.

This bundle offer contains pods/capsules that are affiliated with nor produced, approved or endorsed by Nestlé®.



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