Full-bodied, dark-roasted and organic

Here, Peter Larsen has created a rich dark-roasted espresso on organically grown Arabica beans from Peru, Honduras and Mexico. This has resulted in an espresso with a fruity and slightly sour body, and as typical of a good dark-roasted coffee, a slightly deeper and more intense coffee taste, which is completed by a pleasant aftertaste that stays a little longer in the palate.

The pods in which the coffee has been packaged are created on sugar cane fibers. This makes the pods compostable and 100% biodegradable, so you can safely throw them out with the kitchen waste.

Here you are therefore guaranteed a classic dark roasted espresso, where you are guaranteed that the coffee it has been created with, has been grown with special care for the environment and sustainability - but other than that, the taste is not the worst either. 

Peter Larsen is a Danish coffee producer headquartered in Viborg, renowned for its focus on innovation and sustainability. The company was founded in 1902, and over it more than 100-year history it has focused mainly on importing and roasting coffee for the Danish market.

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Malet kaffe


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Peter Larsen




Fruit, Aromatic Arabica, Mild Acidity


Organic, Biodegradable

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Peter Larsen Supreme

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Bought these capsules because I wanted an environment friendly alternative . Coffee tastes good, but capsules don't work well in the machine. Sometimes the water doesn't go through the capsule and I just get this messy water instead of coffee. I have to stop the machine, take out the capsule and put it in again. I have a fairly new machine and I haven't had this problem with any other capsules that I have tried (aluminum or biodegradable), so I don't think it's a problem with the machine. It is very annoying since I have to stand there an watch it to see what comes out. Wouldn't recommend this product. Read More