Tasting Mix

2.050g coffee beans + descaler

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In stock

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Have you ever wanted to get into grinding your own coffee beans? Or do you already grind your beans but are looking for new coffees to try? At Kaffekapslen we have put together a tasting mix so that you can test different coffee varieties and experiment!

This bundle includes 7 bags of coffee beans from various brands. In total, you will get 2.050 grammes of coffee. That should be enough to last you quite a while! You’ll be able to compare the different roastings, blends, and ways to grind each coffee.

The coffee beans in this bundle will cover many of the brands offered on our website. You’re sure to get a wide variety of delicious coffee beans to grind and enjoy.

So if you love preparing your own coffee so it’s just the way you like it and you want to discover new blends, or if you’re trying to get started and need to find the coffee beans that are right for you, we can highly recommend this tasting mix.

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