If your coffee machine needs a deep clean, you can use cleaning pods such as these from Caffenu.

A cleaning pod is a quick and easy way to clean your pod machine, as the cleaning pods are used just like normal coffee pods, and they will go deep into the workings of the machine you can’t access yourself.

As opposed to descaling products, the cleaning pods will clean your machine’s brewing spout, where the descaling product will not have any effect, as its goal is to clean the water tank and the water pipes.

With regular cleaning not only will your coffee taste better, but your machine will also last longer.

The cleaning pods use the machine’s pressure to get rid of grime and bacteria, and it contains a bio-organic cleaning product which is washed away after use.

Simply put the cleaning pod in the machine, just like a normal pod, and click on the brewing button. In 2 minutes the product will have gone into every nook and cranny of your machine and will have given it a deep-clean. Easier and faster than you could have done it yourself.

We absolutely recommend these pods – not only will your coffee taste better, but your machine will love you for it.


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Caffenu Cleaning Pods

5 pods for Nespresso®


Reviews (5)

Delighted with my purchase. I've had my machine over a year and never knew these existed and was just flushing my machine with water. The difference after using just 1 of these pods is astonishing! Will use them once a month from now on as my coffee is on another level now! Read More
Bought for first time descaling tabs for coffee machine .. used one today ... omg it did the job .. so amazing to c what results I got frm one tab deffo recommended indeed Read More
Excellent product & service Read More
These pods are fantastic for cleaning the inner workings of coffee machine. I couldn't believe the amount of dirt and debris they dislodged. Took 4 full tanks of water to get the water clear again so much stuff came out Read More
Excellent product - really does work! Read More