Lindt 70% Cocoa

100 g. Chocolate

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In stock

For more than 175 years, the Swiss company Lindt has provided the world’s connoisseurs with their famous high quality chocolate.

Here is the classic Lindt Excellence dark chocolate bar, with its cocoa content of 70%. This chocolate bar has been Lindt’s signature chocolate for decades. It offers a rich and strong dark chocolate made from the best ingredients possible.

In other words, here is a chocolate that is the best version of dark chocolate possible, with a taste that stays on the palate for a long time, and where the cocoa beans’ tasting notes truly come out with their sweet, salty, sour, and bitter tones, all felt on the tongue at once.

This is a chocolate that you may try to keep to yourself and which is best enjoyed slowly, one piece at a time, with a good cup of coffee or a glass of red wine.

We offer this classic chocolate in a 100g bar.

The Swiss brand Lindt has provided the world with delicious chocolate since 1845. Lindt is known for their delicious chocolate truffles with creamy filling, their golden Easter bunnies, and last but not least their popular Lind Excellence chocolate bars in a variety of flavours.





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