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The popular Senseo machine allows a wide variety of drinks, which can be difficult to handle if you’re new to he Senseo universe. Here is a perfect offer for those looking for new coffee to drink who can’t decide what to buy.

Kaffekapslen gives you the opportunity to try our most popular products. We can describe them for you, but it’s best if you test them out yourself.

Our bestsellers of the month package offer includes 282 Senseo pods so that you have a good assortment of coffee to try out, or to share with family and friends. These products are the most popular among our customers.

So enjoy these varieties for Senseo and get the most out of your Senseo machine!

This bundle also includes a storage box for your Senseo pods.




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Arabica, Robusta, Arabica/Robusta

Bestsellers of the month for Senseo

282 pods + Storage Box for Senseo

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