Here comes a classic espresso with a fine crema, which is brewed easily and quickly at home in your own Senseo machine.

An espresso is good for giving you a boost, whether it is in the morning or in the afternoon, and can be drunk on its own or with a little sugar or milk. It is also well suited as a base in café classics such as cappuccino and caffè latte, all of which are built around an espresso.

We deliver this delicious espresso from Café René at a reasonable price - in pods that fit perfectly with your Senseo machine.

Did you know, by the way, that it is a common misconception outside Italy that the term espresso stands for 'Express', to mean that an espresso is a coffee that is consumed quickly. It's easy to believe it, as an espresso comes in a small cup, is brewed quickly and is often enjoyed as a quick morning coffee.

But the two things actually have nothing to do with each other. The origin of the espresso name comes instead from the brewing method, where espresso in Italian means 'to squeeze out', because with this brewing technique the water is pressed through coffee at high pressure.


Ristet og malet kaffe


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Café René Espresso

36 pods for Senseo


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