The classic French Café au Lait is known for its mildness, which comes from its rich milky body. But with this variant, Nescafé has created a Café au Lait, which differs by being particularly intense.

Because even though it comes with lots of milk, as it should be for a Café au Lait, it is quite unusual for a Café au Lait based on Robusta beans. And the Robusta beans are the 'secret' behind this variant's intense character. Because compared to an Arabica coffee, a Robusta coffee is a bit bitter, and with a higher caffeine content. The result is therefore an intense coffee, which combines a taste of freshly roasted beans with a creamy soft milk taste, which, however, has also been sweetened a little so that it does not become too bitter.

Here, Nescafé and others have come up with a bold bid for a real coffee classic, and created a variant that will probably share the waters. But if you are going to Café au Lait, but would like to enjoy one that is a little more intense than usual - or maybe just want a little variety, we are sure that this variant will suit you well.

You brew it easily and quickly in your Dolce Gusto® machine with just one pod.


Whole MILK powder (43,6%), instant coffee (35%), sugar (20%), stabilisers (potassium phosphates, sodium citrates), emulsifier (SOYA lecithin)


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Nescafé Café au Lait Intenso

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (12)

Love this version. Little bit more of a 'kick' than the normal au lait. Can't get enough of it. Read More
A solid coffee, not too milky but it does have a slight milk aftertaste, strong and favourable Read More
As always excellent strong coffee capsules Read More
I prefer this one because it’s stronger. Really good coffee. Good delivery as well Read More
Always a winner, love these pods! Read More
Nescafé has truly outdone themselves with this innovative twist on the classic Café au Lait. The use of Robusta beans provides a unique intensity that sets this version apart from the traditional milder Café au Lait. The combination of the rich milky body and the bold, slightly bitter taste of the Robusta beans creates a harmonious and delightful experience for coffee enthusiasts.

This intense Café au Lait strikes the perfect balance between the robust flavor of freshly roasted beans and the creamy, slightly sweetened milk. If you're looking for a bit of variety in your coffee routine or prefer a stronger taste to your Café au Lait, this variant will definitely hit the spot.
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If you enjoy café au lait, you’ll love this one, stronger and tastier. Read More
Very good Read More
This has always been my firm favourite. So many of the Dolce Gusto coffees I tried were too watery and tasteless. Not this one. It's not at all sweet, has a nice kick to it and is a pleasure to drink. I love sprinkling it with a little cinnamon and nutmeg for an extra festive feel. Read More
very good coffee, always used ..... Read More
This is my favourite of the Dolce gusto coffees! Love it! Read More
The pods were excellent value and the taste/strength were also excellent. Read More