Since 1906, the German Café Hag brand has been known for decaffeinated coffee, where the company's founder, Ludwig Roselius, invented the process of decaffeination. Café Hag is also marketed under the Sanka brand in many countries such as the USA and France, where, like Café Hag in Germany, it is among the most well-known decaffeinated coffee brands.

This is a real classic that is perfect as an afternoon or evening cup, if you still want to enjoy a good coffee, without fear of disturbing your night's sleep.

Tassimo Café Hag is created from a well-balanced blend consisting of 100% Arabica coffee beans and comes in a classic coffee taste with smoky undertones. It complemented by a rich and frothy crema, which makes the taste experience extra exciting. Even though it is caffeine free, it tastes like a coffee should, and is so full-bodied and aromatic that it can be mixed with milk.

With Tassimo Café Hag, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee at all times of the day and evening.

Despite common scepticism about decaffeinated coffee, Café Hag comes with our warmest recommendations, because it debunks the myth that decaffeinated coffee cannot taste like the 'real' thing.


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Reviews (13)

Not a great selection for decaf, only makes a very small cup but tastes great Read More
I love this coffee. It produces about half a cup of really tasty coffee. I sometimes add more water for a longer cup, or another pod! Read More
I found the volume of coffee from this pod to be too little. It is hard to tell when buying these pods what the volume will be. I will not be buying this again. Read More
Great option for decaf, makes small cups tho Read More
Nice coffee, shorter cup than expected.. fast delivery Read More
Not much choice when it comes to decafs for tassimo, I was trying this for 1st time. It didn’t disappoint Read More
Not much choice when it comes to decafs for tassimo, I was trying this for 1st time. It didn’t disappoint Read More
Very nice and soft taste Read More
Nice when poured into a tall glass. Read More
Lovely coffee. I love strong coffee but prefer a decaf in the evening and you really can't tell that it's decaf. Read More
Just love it. Read More
Labai patinka , as geriu labai daug kavos , tai man be kofeino kava issigelbejimas . Rekomenduoju Read More
Decaf pods love taste and full bodied Read More