Authentic Italian coffee pleasure

Let yourself be seduced by the art of Italian coffee and elevate your everyday coffee with the wonderful Lavazza Caffé Crema Classico.

Here you get a coffee that has been created with the passion and expertise that only a true master with over 120 years in the coffee business has.

Lavazza Caffé Crema Classico is created based on Italian coffee traditions - that is, here are beans that have been extra-long roasted, giving the coffee a smokier taste and a deep and aromatic body.

The Arabica and Robusta beans used for this blend are highly aromatic with a velvety and sweet taste, mild bitterness and subtle acidity. This is therefore a coffee that can be recommended for all coffee needs; espresso, piston and filter coffee.

We deliver this solid everyday coffee in a bag of whole coffee beans, which you grind yourself with the grind degree that suits you.

Lavazza is one of Italy's classic coffee brands that can trace its origins back to 1895. Lavazza pioneered the technique of blending coffee from different regions, and is today managed by 4 generations of the Lavazza family from its headquarters in Turin, where its products are exported all over the world as one of the world's largest coffee companies.


Roasted coffee beans


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Strong (7/10)

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Lavazza Caffé Crema Classico

1000 g. coffee beans


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