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At Kaffekapslen we have put together a starter pack of Caffè Crema beans from DeLonghi. This will allow you to have a good stock of your favourite coffee so you don’t run out quickly.

DeLonghi Caffè Crema is a light coffee that’s just what you need for your morning coffee or for a coffee with friends. The blend is made exclusively from Arabica beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, and India. The result is a coffee with fruity notes and notes of caramel. Delicious as-is or with milk and a bit of sugar, any coffee lover will enjoy this blend.

You can order this starter pack on Kaffekapslen and stock up on coffee today.

We recommend that you grind your beans right before use, so you get the best result. Once ground, brew them using your favourite method and enjoy the results.

Store in an airtight container to preserve the aromas and flavours.


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Delonghi Caffé Crema

1000 g. coffee beans

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