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In stock

Lindt from Switzerland has been supplying the world with delicious chocolate since 1845. Lindt is known for their delicious chocolate balls with soft filling, the golden Easter bunny, and not least the popular Lindt Excellence chocolate bars in different flavours.

Never afraid to experiment, Lindt has a habit of combining chocolate with unconventional ingredients to create exciting new flavours - this Chili variant is a great example!

Here you get a deep dark chocolate combined with the spicy taste of Chili. Compared to most other chocolates, Lindt chocolates have a very high cocoa content. It really comes into its own here, because when you taste this variant, you first notice the deep chocolate flavour, which is followed by the spicy chilli flavour. Here you get a flavour that lingers, with the spicy chilli tempered perfectly by the dark chocolate flavour.

So here you have a chocolate that is really rich in flavour, which is only enhanced when enjoyed with a good cup of coffee or a glass of fine wine. A chocolate to be enjoyed slowly, a small piece at a time, so that the flavour comes into its own.

We supply this delicious quality chocolate in a 100 gram bar.






Dark Chocolate, Chili

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Bought for my husband who loves dark choclate with a hint of chilli

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