Did you know that your Dolce Gusto® machine lives a secret life, not just brewing coffee? Your Dolce Gusto® is actually also a pretty solid cocoa brewer.

So if you appreciate the taste of real chocolate, this rich, velvety, warm chococino from Dolce Gusto® comes with our best recommendations. Here you get a cocoa which is not only brewed with a separate milk pod for extra creaminess, the cocoa pod has also been supplemented with a good shot of vanilla, which not only contributes with taste, but also a nice aroma.

In other words, you get a cup of liquid chocolate, which we are sure will be well received among both young and old, and which is brewed easily and quickly in your Dolce Gusto.

It tastes great on a cold winter day, but can also be put in the fridge and enjoyed cold as a refreshing summer drink. And with pods like these, it is easy to brew a perfect cocoa, where you not only save yourself the hassle of having to find a pot, cocoa powder, sugar and milk - but also the cleaning afterwards.

So if you like to have a nice cup of cocoa, we are sure that these pods are just the thing for you.


Chokoladepulver og sødmælkspulver med sukker


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Dolce Gusto


Cocoa, Chocolate, Milk foam

Cup size

Large Cup


Medium (5/10)

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Fat (g)


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- of which sugars


Nescafé Chococino

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (21)

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