The perfect advent calendar for tea-lovers.

Although Kaffekapslen works primarily with coffee, we still have our tea-drinking customers in mind! Here is an Advent calendar for those who prefer tea, or those who want a change from coffee every day.

If you have not yet tried Yogi Tea, this is your chance to do so. Behind each of the 24 doors hides one tea bag. Discover spiced blends, decaffeinated teas, citrus-infused mixes, and plenty of other flavours.

Yogi Tea creates tea blends based on Ayurvedic properties. They focus on blends that are good for body and mind. All their teas are organic, and each ingredient is carefully selected.

Count down to Christmas with sustainable and organic teas!


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Yogi Tea

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Yogi Tea Christmas Calendar

24 tea bags


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Amazing calendar! I wish I ordered more than one to give out as presents... Read More

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