With this variant, you get a classic everyday coffee in an XL version, because these pillows brew a cup that can fill a mug of 200 ml.

The coffee itself is created from medium roast Arabica and Robusta beans, resulting in a cup with a strength that is in the middle of the scale. The body is nutty, and the taste slightly tart with an aftertaste of chocolate.

Here, then, is a coffee that, with its strength and cup size, lends itself well to morning coffee. For here you get a cup that has enough strength to perk you up, as it has a little more caffeine than most coffees, but by virtue of its roast, still has a body that doesn't appear overly strong.

In other words, you get a straightforward coffee for everyday use. A coffee that you can enjoy continuously as your morning coffee, and that is served in a cup size that is big enough to quench your coffee thirst.

We supply it at an attractive price, in 20 pods that fit perfectly with your Senseo machine.


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Classic XL - Everyday Coffee

20 pods for Senseo


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Tried this coffee and it is as good as the senseo range Read More
A well rounded flavour without bitterness. As it says an everyday coffee Read More