Do you remember to regularly clean your Caffitaly machine?

With regular cleaning not only will your coffee taste better, but your machine will also function in an optimal manner for a longer period of time. Caffenu’s cleaning pods are made specifically to clean the inside parts of your machine that are otherwise difficult to access.

So, if your Caffitaly machine needs a deep clean, we recommend that you use these cleaning pods from Caffenu. These cleaning pods make it easy for you to rid your machine of bacteria, particles, oils, and tannic acids which can hinder your coffee experience. More than just ensuring your coffee tastes good, Caffenu’s cleaning pods also ensure your machine lasts longer.

The cleaning pods are simply put in the machine like a normal coffee pod. The pod's contents make a strong bio-organic foam which cleans your machine in just 2 minutes. After a thorough rinsing of your machine, it is ready for use.

As opposed to a descaling product, a cleaning pod cleans the machine’s brewing spout, where the descaling product will not have an effect, as a descaling product is for cleaning the water tank and the water pipes.

Take care of your Caffitaly machine with these cleaning pods – your machine will love you for it.


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Caffenu Cleaning Pods

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