With this Philips Coffee Care Kit you get everything you need to give your Saeco machine a thorough cleaning, which will make it sparkle like new.

The package contains:

2 x Philips Saeco Aquaclean Filters - For filtering impurities in the water and removing limescale.

1 x Philips Saeco Milk Circuit Cleaning Powder - For cleaning the milk system - even where you can not easily get to.

1 x Philips Saeco Cleaning Tabs - For thorough cleaning of the entire machine

1 x Philips Saeco Lubricating Grease - Tube with lubricating oil for the moving parts of the coffee machine.

With a thorough cleaning of your Saeco machine, not only will your coffee taste better, your machine will also function optimally for a longer period of time. These cleaning agents are specially designed to clean the internal parts of the machine, which can otherwise be very difficult to access.

If your Saeco machine needs a thorough cleaning, we recommend this set. It contains everything you need to clean your machine of the bacteria, particles, oils and tannic acid that have accumulated over time, and which in the long run can impair the coffee experience and reduce the life of the machine if not addressed.

Treat your Saeco machine to a thorough cleaning and see how it will reward you.

Consult the package instructions and the machine manual for further information on how to best use these cleaning agents.






Saeco Coffee Care Kit CA6707/10

Cleaning Kit for Espresso Machines


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