Complete maintenance kit for your capsule machine.

In this kit you will find:

  • 200ml EcoDecalk descaling liquid
  • 250ml Eco MultiClean cleaning liquid
  • a water filter
  • a water hardness meter
  • a microfiber cloth

With this kit you can ensure the best care for your capsule machine. The kit is especially designed to give your coffee machine the best maintenance care possible after it has been in use for some time.

The Eco MultiClean cleaning liquid is effective both your machine’s milk system as well as your machine’s exterior.

The Med EcoDecalk descaling liquid will give you the chance to descale your machine in all its nooks and crannies when you use your machine’s descaling programme.

Once you have done these initial cleaning tasks you can install the water filter so that from now on you can protect your machine against limescale (and improve your coffee’s flavour).

When you maintain your machine you will get the following advantages:

  • Longer longevity for your machine
  • Ensures the right temperature          
  • Ensures the right amount of coffee is brewed            
  • The machine vibrates less during brewing            
  • Avoids functional errors

This kit is made for the following capsule machines with filter:

BCO 411/421/431

EC 685/820/850/860/9335

ESAM 6720/6750/6900 and all ECAM, ETAM, EPAM machines

The Italian brand De’Longhi was started in 1902 and is known today as one of the foremost suppliers in coffee products, where the brand can be seen in trendy coffee shops all over the world.






Delonghi Coffee CareKit DLSC306

Cleaning Kit for Espresso Machines


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