This is an exciting organic and Fairtrade-certified coffee, created from a blend of 100% Arabica beans from three well-known coffee nations; Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia.

The beans used for this coffee have all been cultivated in mountainous regions, where the rich mineral mountain soil and slower ripening create a coffee that is especially sweet and aromatic.

In addition, the beans are processed using the washing method, where the bean shell is carefully washed away and then the beans are dried in the sun. This technique preserves the natural taste of the bean better than when the berry shell is threshed away after drying.

The beans from the three countries, with their vastly different taste profiles, are then mixed and roasted, creating a very aromatic coffee with complex flavour notes. This is a coffee with a full-bodied aroma and deep, fruity sweetness, perfectly balanced by a pleasant acidity. The sweetness comes with a hint of raisins, and the flavour is rounded off with hints of cocoa, almonds and liquorice.

You can really taste how Löfbergs has made an impressive effort to create a coffee with a completely unique flavour, and with taste notes you don’t often find in a coffee. The name given to this coffee is therefore very fitting. Cumbia is Colombia’s national dance, a celebration of swinging rhythms, and a cup of Cumbia from Löfbergs feels like a swinging celebration on your palate.

This truly is an exciting coffee with a unique flavour that every coffee lover should try. We can guarantee a coffee experience out of the ordinary.

We deliver Cumbia coffee in an extra large package with as many as 96 pods.


Ristet og malet kaffe


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Löfbergs Cumbia Big Pack

96 pods for Caffitaly

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