Intenso is part of illy’s renowned Classico series, which comes in 3 different strengths. The Intenso is the middle strength. Here is a coffee that has been developed for those who enjoy a well-rounded coffee that is intense, without being too intense.

Here you will get a coffee that has a medium strength body, with notes of cocoa and dried fruit, ending with a pleasant aftertaste. With the Intenso you get a coffee that is neither too mild nor too strong, but that has been roasted by experts to combine the Arabica beans’ light and dark tones perfectly.

In this ground version you get a versatile coffee that can be brewed with your filter coffee machine, espresso machine, or for pour over coffee. But, not matter what method you use, we are sure you will be satisfied with this coffee, because it is a true coffee classic that has been treasured by many for decades thanks to its high quality.

illy was started in Trieste, Italy, in 1933, and is still led by the company’s founder, Francesco Illy. The classic red and white illy logo is recognised in many fashionable cafés all over the world, and millions of illy coffee cups are enjoyed every day in cafés, offices, and homes all over the world.


Amount (g.)




Tasting notes

Fruit, Chocolate



Cup size

Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo


Very strong (9/10)

Best before


illy Dark Roast

250 g. ground coffee

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