Descaling is one of the habits that every coffee machine owner should get into.

There are many benefits to descaling your machine. First of all, you are guaranteed a more tasty coffee. But in addition, you will also experience a shorter brewing time and less noise when brewing coffee. Last but not least, the life of the machine will be extended, because in the worst case, a large amount of limescale can kill a machine.

We recommend that you descale your machine once a month, so that you are always assured your machine is in top shape and covered by the warranty.

To descale your Dolce Gusto® machine:

1. Pour 0.5 litres of water into the water tank and dissolve "Nescafé Dolce Gusto Descaling" in it.

2. Place a container, large enough to hold the same amount of water as the water container, at the outlet of the machine.

3. Hold down the "Power / Start" button for 5 seconds until it flashes green.

4. If the machine is automatic, it must be set to maximum.

5. Start the machine with hot water (With automatic machines the descaling takes about 3 min. On manual machines you just let all the water from the tank pass through the machine)

6. When the program is about to end, the machine flashes green for 2 min. When it lights up green constantly, the descaling program is over.

7. Rinse the water tank with clean water and then fill it with clean water. Start the machine (hot water) and let the clean water run through the machine.

8. When the water has passed through the machine, let the machine stand for 2 minutes.

9. Switch the machine to "cold water" and let it stand for another 2 min. without water in the container.

Your Dolce Gusto® is now descaled and ready for use.







Dolce Gusto

Nescafé Descaler

2 doses for Dolce Gusto


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