Descaling your coffee machine is one of the routines each coffee machine owner should make a habit. A regular descaling will ensure that your machine always functions optimally.

Descaling is necessary, because the presence of limescale in water can leave limescale deposits in your machine. If you machine is not descaled regularly, it can cause a variety of problems for your machine. It will not only affect the quality of your coffee but it will also lengthen brewing time – and in the worst case it will shorten your machine’s lifespan.

It is therefore a good idea to regularly descale your machine regularly, and a rule of thumb is to descale your machine once a month.

Here you can buy the original Bosch descaling tablets for Tassimo. These tablets are perfect for your machine and will ensure the best result. Each packet includes 4 tablets, from which 2 tablets are used for one descaling.

Descaling gives the following advantages:

  • Longer longevity for your machine
  • Ensures the right temperature
  • Ensures the right amount of coffee is brewed
  • The machine vibrates less during brewing
  • Avoids functional errors

Your machine will typically show the following signs when it needs a descaling: the machine marks more noise during brewing, brewing takes longer than usual, and last but not least, your coffee may not taste as good as it usually does.

We heartily recommend that you regularly descale your machine. Even though your Tassimo machine will inform you it is time to descale thanks to the blinking red light, we still recommend you descale your machine once a month, so that your machine will function optimally and will always brew coffee of the highest quality.

So care for your Tassimo with a descaling – your machine will love you for it.








Tassimo Descaling Tablets

2 doses for Tassimo


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