Regular descaling of your coffee machine gives you a wide range of benefits. First of all, you get a better tasting coffee. You will also experience less noise and a shorter brewing time as coffee is brewed. And last but not least, because over-accumulation of limescale can lead to a wide range of malfunctions, the descaling will extend the life of your machine.

We therefore recommend descaling your machine once a month, so you are always assured that your machine is in top shape.

These descaling tablets are specially developed for Siemens EQ. coffee machine series and descale your machine easily, quickly and efficiently.

How to descale your Siemens EQ. machine:

1. Pour 0.5 litres of lukewarm water into the water tank and put a Siemens descaling tablet in it. If there is a water filter in the container, this must be removed first.

2. Place a container large enough to hold 1 litre of water at the outlet of the machine.

3. Start the machine's Calc'N Clean program. The program will execute the descaling for approx. 20 minutes.

4. Pour the liquid out of the container located under the machine outlet. Rinse the water tank under the tap. After the water tank has been rinsed through, it must be filled up to max. the level of clean water and reattached to the machine. If there is a filter for the water tank, put it back in.

5. Executes Calc'N Clean again. The machine is now rinsed with clean water, after which the descaling is complete.






Siemens Descaling Tablets TZ80002B

3 Tablets for EQ.series Espresso Machines


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