A Bosch Tassimo machine is the perfect coffee machine for regular coffee, espresso, hot chocolate and many other beverages. Tassimo machines are widely used at home for great tasting hot drinks. But to keep your Tassimo machine in tip-top condition, it is important to use the Kaffekapslen Tassimo descaling tablets because hard water can cause limescale to build up in your machine.

The tablets remove limescale, coffee residue and calcium deposits quickly and effectively, keeping your machine in perfect working order so that it can continue to serve tasty drinks for years to come. It is recommended that you use Tassimo descaling tablets whenever the red descaling icon lights up on your machine.

The pack contains six tablets which is enough for three descaling treatments. The descaling tablets are suitable for all Bosch Tassimo appliances. Simply follow the step-by-step descaling instructions and your Tassimo is ready to create delicious drinks again!








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Descaling Tablets Kaffekapslen

3 doses for Tassimo


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