Siemens Espresso Care TZ80004B

Cleaning Kit for EQ.300 Espresso Machines


In stock

In stock

Maintain your machine and extend its life.

With Siemens Espresso Care, you get everything you need to maintain your Siemens EQ series espresso machine.
With a thorough cleaning of your EQ machine, your coffee will not only taste better - your machine will also work optimally for a longer period of time. With these cleaners you can do a complete maintenance of your EQ machine so that it continues to serve you cups of the highest quality for many years to come.

The package contains:

• 1 x Brita Intenza water filter cartridge: Removes limescale, chlorine, bacteria and other impurities.

• 1 x Siemens EQ Series Cleaning Tablets: Clean the insides of the machine where you cannot reach. Optimises taste and extends machine life.

• 1 x Siemens EQ Series Descaling Tablets: Removes limescale deposits for optimal temperature, taste and fault prevention.

• 1 x Brush for cleaning coffee grinders and loose parts.

If your machine needs a thorough cleaning, we recommend this set. This package contains everything you need to give your EQ a thorough overhaul, making it sparkle again like new.







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