For years, L'Or's many coffee varieties have delighted and satisfied the coffee thirst of our customers. L'Or is known for uncompromising quality and flavours beyond the ordinary, so when you choose a L'Or product, the craftsmanship is exceptional and the taste sublime.

L'Or Classique is one of L'Or's best sellers, and is an aromatic dark roast coffee with a really nice crema. The taste is strong and intense, so here you can really taste the coffee. It combines well with milk, but its natural sweetness also makes you consider skipping the sugar altogether if you normally use it.

L'Or Classique brews perfectly in your Tassimo, where the machine recognises your capsule through smart barcode technology, so it knows exactly what temperature, time and amount of water to use to brew a perfect cup of coffee according to the pods specifications.

In other words, here's a coffee that really lives up to the name 'Classique', because we think it will appeal to most coffee lovers.


Number of pods


Number of cups







Dark roasted beans, Mild Acidity, Sweetness

Cup size



Strong (8/10)

Best before


L'OR Espresso Classique

16 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (9)

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