Enjoy a well-deserved coffee break with Café Royal.

Espresso Forte is a coffee full of fruity sweetness, with a fresh and sharp acidity. Here you get a classic Espresso that, although medium roasted, has an above average intensity and full body.

In other words, here is a strong coffee, but not one that ever becomes too much.

Espresso Forte is also UTZ certified, so you can be sure that you are getting a coffee that has been produced under proper conditions for both the environment and workers.

With Espresso Forte you get a wonderful quality coffee, which can be enjoyed on any occasion and by even the humblest of coffee drinkers. As Café Royal likes to say, being royal is not a title but a lifestyle.

In the package you receive 50 Nespresso Pro® compatible capsules, so you will have enough to offer an extra cup when you have guests.

Café Royal is a premium brand under the Swiss Delica AG group. Delica AG was founded in 1954 and is one of the largest coffee roasters in Switzerland.

We deliver Café Royal in a capsule that fits perfectly with your Nespresso Pro® machine.

These capsules are not compatible with the Nespresso® Professional Momento series.


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Espresso Forte - Café Royal

50 Capsules for Nespresso Pro®

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