Traditional French coffee delight.

The Grand Mère is a classic coffee treasure from France, loved by all coffee connoisseurs young and old.

Ever since Pierre Motte opened the doors to his store in Roubaix in 1954, Grand Mère coffee has been a staple on countless French coffee tables, with Grand Mère's classic and authentic flavours uniting coffee lovers across the generations.

Grand Mère Espresso is a classic Espresso with a rich and full-bodied flavour, rounded off by a delicate and airy crema, proof that you don’t have to be Italian to make your very own Espresso at home.

Your Tassimo machine brews the perfect cup of Grand Mère every time, because the machine recognises the capsule thanks to the smart barcode technology and knows exactly what temperature, time and amount of water are needed.

We deliver this aromatic Espresso in 16 T-Discs that brew a perfect espresso thanks to your Tassimo machine.

Grand Mère is a French coffee producer that has been supplying French homes with coffee since 1954. Grand Mère is one of France's most popular coffee brands, and is now part of the Dutch Jacobs Douwe Egberts Group.


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Grand Mere



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Grand Mere Espresso

16 pods for Tassimo


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Absolutely tasteful Expresso and deeply rich in taste.
It's my morning mug in a hug
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Very nice espresso, enjoyed every pod, but the first one I used the foil burst and got grounds everywhere Read More