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Latte Art Decoration Set
Bosch Descaling for Caffitaly
Kaffekapslen descaler for Caffitaly
Kaffekapslen descaling tablets for Caffitaly
Handheld Milk Frother
Caffenu Cleaning Capsules package and capsules for Caffitaly


When you buy a quality Caffitaly coffee pod machine and quality coffee pods, you expect it to match. By descaling your coffee pod machine, you play an important role in maintaining this high standard of quality. This standard would disappear if your machine had to struggle and work too hard to extract the coffee. The taste of the coffee would also be of lower quality. And your Caffitaly coffee pod machine would have a shorter lifespan. So remember when you buy your coffee pods that you can also buy descaling tablets at the same time. With the same order. So easy. A stop by the webshop solves all your coffee needs.

Presentation in a pod holder

With an organized presentation of your coffee pods, you not only showcase your latest purchases from us, but also make it easier to choose which coffee you want to drink. It is also useful when you have friends visiting so they can see which coffee pod they would like to try. Continue your current style in the kitchen and present your coffee pods to Caffitaly in the most stylish way you can. And why not continue this style with a napkin holder and coffee pod trash can too?

Empty the glass

Many people do not forget or think about drinking enough water. Some people simply do not like the taste of water. With a water filter jug from our selection, you can improve both the taste and smell of your tap water. It also filters out pesticides, insecticides, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals that may be in your water. By using the same water in your Caffitaly coffee pod machine, it takes longer in between, you have to descale your machine.