Among Café René's large selection there is, as you would expect, a decaffeinated coffee.
Look forward to a well-balanced composition of decaffeinated beans from South America, because now you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee with fullness and aroma, without having to worry about having your night's sleep spoiled.

This is a coffee that is perfect for those who like a good cup in the afternoon and evening, but don’t want the side effects of caffeine.

Café René has created a medium-roasted coffee which comes with a taste that is at the milder end, but which nevertheless has a distinct body and aroma.

It can work well as afternoon coffee, together with, for example, a delicious piece of dark chocolate, or as evening coffee just before bedtime.

It comes with 16 pods and brews a large cup big enough to quench your coffee thirst.
This is a competent decaffeinated coffee at a reasonable price, in a pods that fits with your Dolce Gusto® machine.




Ristet og malet koffeinfri kaffe


Number of pods


Number of cups



Café René


Dolce Gusto



Cup size

Large Cup


Light (4/10)

Best before


Decaf Grande - René

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (3)

Love the coffee but pods can be a bit problematic, you may need to puncture, turn the pod and puncture again to get them to work. Read More
Decent taste, but about a half of capsules are defect: it steams and drips everywhere with hissing noise. Great to scare off a cat. Read More
Not my fave but it will do for family members Read More