We also offer our very own Grande in a decaffeinated version.

With the Decaffeinated Grande, you can enjoy a cup of afternoon or evening coffee without fear of disturbing your sleep.

A Grande is a classic coffee, brewed in the traditional way, but which is also known, as the name suggests, by the fact that it is served in a large cup.

Our Grande is created with medium roast Arabica beans, which give a round and full flavour with fruity undertones, complemented by a lovely crema, so you get a coffee with a classic taste but without the worry of caffeine.

The pods have been hermetically sealed so the freshness and aroma of the coffee is perfectly maintained, and they fit like a glove with your Dolce Gusto® machine, where the machine's high pressure really draws out the flavour and creates a great crema.

In other words, here's a classic everyday coffee at a reasonable price that compliments our Grande variant, but in a decaf version.

A no-frills coffee for when you just want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee without it getting too complex.


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Grande Decaf - Everyday Coffee

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (18)

Good Read More
For whatever reason these pods burst. I bought 5 boxes and 3 out the 5 were useless. Read More
Bad experiece with this one. The pods leaked and my coffee machine was left sitting in a pool of water. Will never order this one again. Read More
Bought these and the milk capsules and made delicious decaf flat white. Highly recommend if you want a lovely cup of coffee that doesn't keep you awake. Read More
Great taste at a great price Read More
Really nice strong flavour decaf. One of the best decaf I have tried. Read More
Love the taste but find you need to puncture the pod, turn it and puncture again to get it to work and occasionally they just make a mess and your coffee has grains in it. Read More
A really good quality decaf machine coffee. Read More
Great taste for a decaf and good price but wont buy again as they are faulty pods the water backs up in them, the pod blocks and overflows leaking and spitting. Shame. Read More
Very good coffee, nice taste, love it Read More
Surprisingly delicious and it's excellent value! Read More
Much prefer these to the Nescafé lungo decaf. More smooth and great price. Read More
Makes a lovely cup of coffee. Definitely buying again. Read More
DG Lungo is my fav but this is also very good. Fruity and distinctively earthy taste. Read More
Very small amount in pod.. Read More