Grande intenso is made from exquisite dark-roasted Arabica beans, which have given this coffee a honey-colored and velvety crema, which is accompanied by an intense and fragrant body with fruity notes.

This variant 'grande intenso' is, in its taste and body, closely related to Nescafe grande, but as the name suggests a little more powerful in taste. It is therefore a variant that is well suited for those who like to enjoy an extra intense and aromatic coffee, and perhaps especially suitable as the first morning cup to really wake up to.

Here you get with others a large cup of strong black coffee, which can be enjoyed as it is, but which can also be supplemented with milk, but without the underlying coffee taste being significantly diluted.

They are therefore, like the related Nescafe grande, a straightforward everyday coffee, which is especially distinguished by its intense dark roast character.

Or in other words, here you can be sure to get a straightforward coffee in the usual Nescafe quality, which we imagine could quickly become a favorite everyday coffee that you will enjoy day after day.


Ristet og malet kaffe


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Dolce Gusto

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Nescafé Grande Intenso

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (16)

This used to be my favourite coffee. Strong and flavourful. I was really disappointed to see when I got my new batch that they've changed the recipe and it's just not as nice as it once was. Struggling to find a good alternative. Read More
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The Grande Intenso is amazing taste. The delivery of 2 boxes was fast and on time. Read More
Ordered this on a whim, love it. Realyl strong but real smooth, delicious. Read More