Did you know that in addition to brewing coffee, your Tassimo is also quite adept at brewing tea? So if you're looking for a change from coffee (or maybe you don't like coffee at all), this delicious green mint tea from Tassimo might be just the thing for you.

Here's a tea that comes with the cooling qualities of green tea, combined with the refreshing taste of green mint. This innovative blend has resulted in a tea with a mild body, where the earthy and slightly bitter green tenotes, combine well with the fresh and piquant taste of peppermint. The result is a harmonious tea with slightly piquant notes, which makes for a cup that's great to relax with.

Your Tassimo brews it to a quality that will give envher tea bag a run for its money. Because it reads the barcode on the T-Disc, so it knows exactly what temperature and amount of water to brew with to create the perfect cup.

So if you need a break from coffee, we can only recommend this exciting tea.

We deliver it in a pack of 16 pods straight to your doorstep.


Number of pods


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Green tea, Mint

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Regular Cup


Medium (5/10)

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Green Tea & Mint - Tea Time

16 pods for Tassimo


Reviews (18)

Good quality product. Nice start to my day Read More
The balance of this is perfect. Not normally a fan of green tea but the mint makes this enjoyable without it being too toothpastey! Read More
I love this tea as it soothes the stomach, I find it the best alternative to black tea all the time Read More
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This is just gorgeous, refreshing and easy to drink. I'll definitely be back for more Read More
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Love this green tea with mint so refreshing great price too would highly appreciate Read More
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Love this tea. Full of flavour and tastes very refreshing. Read More
great tea, high recommendet Read More
great tea , high recommendet Read More
great tea ,hight recomendet Read More
Uwielbiam kawy i herbatę zielona z mięta polecam waszystkim dziękuje za miła obsługę pozdrawiam Read More