If you fancy a change from traditional coffee or want to explore new exciting varieties, we recommend this hazelnut coffee from Café René.

It is created with a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from South America that has an aromatic and slightly sour body, nicely complemented by the sweet taste of hazelnuts.

This is a combination that you do not see every day, but which is gaining more and more followers around the world, and is increasingly offered by all leading coffee companies. The composition of hazelnuts and coffee gives a new and exciting coffee taste, where the nut aromas help to highlight the coffee tones, and the end result is a coffee with a slightly liqueur taste. It is a coffee that is well suited for dessert or with a piece of cake.

Here is a good opportunity to explore the coffee world, and try a new and exciting departure from the traditional coffee. And who knows, maybe you'll discover a new favourite.

We deliver Café René Hazelnut at a reasonable price, in a pod that fits perfectly with your Nespresso® machine.

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Smagstilsat ristet og malet kaffe


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Café René




Hazelnut, Acidic Robusta, Aromatic Arabica, Sweetness


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Hazelnut - Cafe Rene

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Nice flavour!can be more stronger! Read More