If you long for a little variety from normal coffee or perhaps want to experiment with new types of hot drinks, we can recommend this hazelnut coffee from Café René.

It is made using South American Arabica and Robusta beans, creating a coffee with an aromatic and slightly sour body in perfect harmony with the sweet flavour of hazelnuts.

This is a unique combination but becoming increasingly popular around the world and more and more common with all leading coffee houses. The combination of hazelnuts and coffee brings a new and exciting coffee flavour, as the nutty aromas highlight the coffee notes, with the end result a coffee with a lovely taste reminiscent of hazelnut liquor. This is the perfect coffee to serve with dessert or with a piece of cake.

Why not explore the world of coffee and try a new and different cup. Who knows, it may well become one of your new favourites.

We deliver Café René’s Hazelnut at an attractive price, in pods that fit in your Dolce Gusto® machine.

Café René is a trademark of a third party not affiliated with Dolce Gusto®.


Ristet kaffe med smag


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Hazelnut Coffee - Café René

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Reviews (6)

I really like this coffee. it has a strong hazenut flavour which is also quite sweet. it's an ideal hot drink for the afternoon Read More
Very strong and bitter for my taste Read More
not the best flavour for me, i think i was expecting a different nut flavour, but each to their own. Read More
Absolutely delicious Read More
Lovely flavor, really nice, nice taste.. Thanks for your great service Read More
I love this brand but the hazelnut tastes a bit weird, acidic and not very nutty. The vanilla version is much nicer. Read More