Tired of plain black coffee? Here is your opportunity to make a pot of delicious flavoured coffee. Thanks to Kaffekapslen hazelnut flavoured coffee, you can enjoy something different. With a whole 250g of this ground coffee, there’s enough to share with guests or to treat yourself for a while.

This coffee is made only of Arabica beans, to which hazelnut flavouring is added. While the coffee is being prepared in your filter coffee machine, you’ll be able to smell the fresh coffee smell and the nuttiness of the hazelnut. The flavour is just right: the hazelnut isn’t too overpowering or too weak, and it’s great black or with added milk and sugar.

What else can we say? This coffee is just perfect for people who want something a bit different but do not want to stray too far away from the traditional coffee they know. Brew it the way you like it and enjoy each and every sip of this coffee treat.


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Hazelnut Coffee - Kaffekapslen

250 g. ground coffee


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