This coffee it the perfect coffee for those who want high quality and sustainability all in one. 

Zoégas’ Hazienda blend is an organic coffee that is Rainforst Alliance and KRAV certified. It is also part of the Coffee By Women initiative that aims at having at least 30% of women coffee farmers. When you enjoy this coffee, you can be sure you’re contributing to an environmentally friendly future in coffee production.

As well as being sustainable, this coffee tastes delicious. It is made from Arabica beans grown in high altitudes in Africa and Central and South America. The beans are roasted to bring out the notes of plums, ripe berries, and nuts and give the coffee its unique character.

Well-balanced and full, this blend is a perfect way to have a break during the day or treat your guests to an exceptional cup of coffee. 

Zoégas has been delivering high-quality dark roasted coffee since 1886. Their aim is to give people a more tasteful life through their carefully crafted coffee blends. 

You can enjoy this coffee from bags of 450g of beans. We recommend grinding the beans just before use and storing the coffee in an airtight container to preserve the taste and freshness.


Roasted coffee beans


Amount (g.)




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Organic, Fairtrade, Arabica


Strong (6/10)

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Special Price


Zoegas Hazienda

450 g. coffee beans


Reviews (3)

Really nice coffee, smooth tasting, not too strong with a pleasant flavour imo. Read More
Very rich full bodied flavour, A very nice coffee. Read More
I'm extremely impressed with the taste of this coffee. I use it in a French Press. Read More

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