You most likely have seen the Segafredo logo in cafés and restaurants all over the world. This Italian brand, whose full name is Segafredo Zanetti, has been roasting coffee for decades. They oversee every single step of the process – from picking, to blending, to packaging. When you buy Segafredo coffee, you know you’re getting high quality coffee from a producer with high standards. 

The Intermezzo blend is from Segafredo’s Classic Line. This blend is particularly popular among lovers of traditional Italian coffee. It is the ideal blend for a traditional Italian espresso, just like you get in the cafés in Italy. 

Allow yourself to be taken on a sensory trip to Italy. These medium-dark roasted Arabica and Robusta beans come from Brazil, the Ivory Coast, and Costa Rica. Their blend gives you a coffee with notes of vanilla, nuts, caramel, almond, and toasted bread. You may even taste a tinge of orange. 

With this bag of 1000g of coffee beans you’ll have enough to experiment with different drinks and train yourself in being a barista in your own home. We recommend grinding the beans right before use to get the most out of their aroma and flavour.


Amount (g.)





Acidic Robusta, Nuts, Aromatic Arabica, Caramel, Medium roasted beans


1000 grams, Arabica/Robusta

Best before


Segafredo Intermezzo

1000 g. coffee beans


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