The L’OR BARISTA capsule machine works with the normal Nespresso®-compatible capsules and the new and innovative L’OR double shot capsules. The double shot capsules allow you to brew either two cups of espresso at once, or make one larger cup of espresso. With just one single capsule!

A machine that offers single and double shot capsules is extremely unique, and the new L’OR BARISTA double shot capsules have been developed exclusively for use in the L’OR BARISTA machine.

The L’OR BARISTA coffee machine makes it incredibly easy for you to become a barista and produce the highest quality, café-like coffee at home. Since the machine works with both L’OR espresso single shot capsules and L’OR double shot capsules, you have a wide selection of outstanding coffee beverages available. You can choose from a wide range of coffee blends, brew filter coffee or a wide range of espressos - or even create milky drinks like a latte or a foamy cappuccino by adding milk foam to your drink. Now it is up to you to prove your skills as a true barista!

To help you on your way to become a master-barista, the L’OR BARISTA coffee system delivers the high pressure (up to 19 bars of pressure) needed for a true espresso.
This means, the machine allows you to make the same drinks you would enjoy at your favourite café or restaurant.

The L’OR BARISTA machine is incredibly easy to use and heats up within 25 seconds, so you won’t need to wait long for your tasty coffee creations.
The machine also allows for drinks in cups/glasses of different sizes. You can adjust the drip tray according to the height of your drink. You can leave it at the standard setting for small cups that hold espressos and ristrettos. For larger drinks, you can remove the drip tray lid, lift off the wider drip tray and put the lid back on at a lower setting.

With the L’OR BARISTA machine, you can customise your coffee to your own preferred volume. If you like your coffee a bit shorter or longer, press and hold the selected drink button until it blinks. Release the button and the coffee starts brewing. Press again to finish brewing.
And the best thing? The L’OR BARISTA will now remember this as your preferred volume for that specific drink.

The L’OR BARISTA machine was designed by the award-winning product designer Khodi Feiz. He is renowned for the “purity, elegance and efficacy” of his work, and these qualities are clearly reflected in the design of the L’OR BARISTA machine.
The design of the machine was even rewarded with the Red Dot Design Award in 2021.

The dimensions of the L’OR BARISTA machine are 18 cm x 40 cm x 28 cm, it also has a descaling indicator which makes it easy to maintain and several components are dishwasher-safe.

When you buy this machine, you get a free adapter







L'OR BARISTA, Nespresso

L'OR Barista Piano black

LM9012/60 capsule machine


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