Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee with dessert? But what if you could combine the two? Try these Latte Crème Brûlée pods from Senso Nocturno and try it for yourself.

In one single pod, Senso Nocturno has combined the intensity of coffee and the creaminess of crème brûlée. You’ll have a sweet latte with the added flavours of the famed French dessert. It’s a sweet and comforting drink that will satisfy both your coffee craving and your craving for sweetness.

This drink is easily and quickly made thanks to your Dolce Gusto machine. Simply insert the pod, set the water volume, and brew. In no time you’ll be enjoying an exquisite coffee.

Each box includes 16 pods that are compatible with your Dolce Gusto machine. Enough pods to share with friends and family!


55% MILK, sugar, 15% instant coffee, aroma.


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Senso Nocturno


Dolce Gusto

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Light (4/10)

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Latte Creme Brulee - Senso Nocturno

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (5)

My wife loves it Read More
Rotten. Read More
The coffee is great raste, delivery was fast and love the variaty of flavours. Read More
We love them.. Read More
Absolutely disgusting. Tastes like an ashtray with essence of burnt sugar. The whole
Box went in the bin
Read More