With the mission and passion to make the best coffee, illy has over decades created a tradition of training the best people, developing the best techniques and growing the best coffee. That's why illy has loyal followers around the globe who have been seduced by illy's great coffee.

With Classico you get illy's signature blend, which like all illy coffee, is made exclusively from Arabica beans.

In this variant, you get Classico in a capsule specifically adapted to brew a Lungo, so you can have a slightly larger and milder cup than a normal Espresso.

With Classico blended you get a traditional Italian coffee that has been refined over 80 years. The blend is known for its taste of lingering sweetness with subtle notes of jasmine, caramel and citrus, which has been created by blending as many as 9 different Arabica beans at once, which have then been roasted to perfection.

In other words, when it comes to Italian coffee, it probably doesn't get any more authentic - because here you get a coffee that is renowned the world over as a representative of the very best of Italian coffee culture.

illy was founded in Trieste, Italy in 1933, and is still run by the descendants of the company's founder, Francesco Illy. The classic red-and-white illy logo is a familiar sight in fashionable cafés around the world, and every day millions of cups of illy coffee are enjoyed in cafés, offices and homes across the globe.


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Medium (5/10)

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illy Lungo (200 E.S.E. pads)

200 E.S.E. pods


Reviews (2)

Excellent coffee, works well in Illy ESE machines! Just note, this product is delivered in individually wrapped pouches, which can make storage challenging. Read More
Great service from Kaffekapslen
Even if it is the Lungo version , the pods are only for a short coffee. But the coffee is still good.
Read More