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When you long for coffee, do you want it to be simple? Kaffekapslen's own Lungo might be something you like in this case.

This coffee consists of medium roast Arabica beans. It gives you a rich and light acidic taste, followed by a mild and sweet undertone.

If the word Lungo seems unfamiliar to you, most coffee drinkers know the drink itself. Even though Lungo is the Italian word for "long," it's Espresso, which dilutes with water. The result? A normal cup of coffee with a good amount of caffeine. Plain and simple. That's something most people can accept.

Lungo is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy your everyday coffee black or with milk and sugar.
This offer contains 5 packs with 80 Lungo pods in total. That gives you 80 cups of delicious Lungo coffee which will satisfy you for a while.

These pods fit all Nescafé Dolce Gusto® machines.

This product is not associated with, produced by or endorsed by Nestlé®.


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Medium (6/10)

Lungo - Everyday Coffee

80 pods for Dolce Gusto

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