Kaffekapslen is proud to offer our very own Lungo.

We have created a classic Lungo using medium-roasted Arabica beans with a full body and a slightly acidic flavour, complimented by a mild, sweet undertone.

Lungo is the Italian word for long, and a Lungo coffee is popularly known as an Espresso with more water than a standard Espresso (hence the name 'Lungo'), and served in a larger cup. A Lungo therefore has a milder taste than a traditional Espresso, in addition to the difference in size.

Our Lungo has a medium-brown colour with a slightly dry surface, and a caffeine level at the higher end of the scale. It is a well-balanced, everyday coffee at a reasonable price and has a classic coffee flavour that tastes great with milk and sugar, if you prefer. This is a down-to-earth coffee to suit most palates.

We deliver our Lungo in pods that fit perfectly in your Dolce Gusto® machine.


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Dolce Gusto

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Medium (6/10)

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Lungo - Everyday Coffee

16 pods for Dolce Gusto


Reviews (5)

Very good Lungo coffee at a very reasonable price Read More
Ordered now a few times, always good, always quick. Prices are fantastic, I buy the cheap dolce gusto pods and the tast is fantastic, tried a few different and all good !
Would recommend, which I did 100% !
Read More
Lovely coffee not to strong, lovely flavor, idea forid morning break Read More
This one is not a strong coffee, but it is quite pleasant, ideal for a mid afternoon cup. A bit more aroma would make it better, surely. Read More
Lovely strong cup of coffee. However, quite a few capsules have broken from this delivery. Lovely coffee though. Read More