Lungo Forte from Café René is a delicious, dark-roasted lungo made from Arabica and Robusta beans. This is a coffee for those who appreciate an intense flavour and unparalleled aroma.

Most types of coffee today are made from Arabica beans, but for an espresso-based coffee like this lungo, Robusta beans bring bitter notes, a high caffeine content, in delicious interplay with the sweeter and more fruity notes of Arabica beans.

This lungo is known for being extra strong in taste compared to a typical lungo, and with a caffeine content that is also at the higher end of the scale. The flavour and body are therefore reminiscent of a classic espresso. It comes with slightly acidic nuances, with a hint of citrus and chocolate.

Enjoy its darker tones and golden crema, while relaxing in the early morning or on a quiet afternoon break.

We deliver this powerful lungo from Café René at an attractive price, in pods that fit perfectly in your Dolce Gusto® machine.

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Lungo Forte - René

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Absolutely delicious and definitely a lot cheaper. I thing this would be one of my favourite five out of all Read More
Distinctive strong taste. Read More
Très bon café prix intéressant Read More
This is trully our favourite coffee ever. Strong but not bitter. Great for early mornings with a newborn. My husband and I will always recommend this one.... and the price is so good! Read More